“Ms. Kim is an exceptionally promising young journalist. She was hardworking and professional in manner, asked frequent questions about the ethics of deep human reporting, was willing and able to embed herself in the lives of her subjects, and was unusually watchful for the kind of sights, sounds, emotions and textures that make feature stories come to full life. She blew me away, and I was not surprised when her story from my class won a Hearst Feature Writing award. I’ve had many excellent students who have gone on to do fine work. But, honestly, I harbor perhaps the greatest hope for Ms. Kim’s future achievements—mostly a hope that in our crazy journalism environment of today, Ms. Kim gets the kind of opportunities that will allow her to develop her natural gifts.”

— Walt Harrington, former professor of journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and former staff writer for The Washington Post Magazine

“As a writer, Stephanie Kim is a wonderful storyteller. As a writer of Korean descent, her wonderful stories happen to be perfectly timely and vital to all Americans who wish to know what is unfolding in East Asia.”

— Roya Hakakian, Iranian-American poet and journalist whose writings appear in publications like The New York Times, the Daily Beast / Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s All Things Considered.

“As a newspaper and wire service editor and a journalism educator, I came to recognize resourcefulness as the key ingredient for success in journalism. Resourcefulness is a quality I see a lot of in Stephanie Kim … In addition to her resourcefulness, Stephanie is careful with the language and has a gift for storytelling, regardless of the medium.”

— Edmund Lawler, former journalism instructor at DePaul University

“In my years as an editor, I have never seen anyone who absorbed constructive criticism as well as Stephanie. If I provided feedback on story structure, AP style or tricks to managing our content management system, she was able to listen and make it better on her next round.”

— Elizabeth Newman, senior editor at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News